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Account Types and Products

MPO Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer you a variety of products available at every branch location

Share (Savings) Products

A share account is the basis of our credit union membership. A share account is synonymous with a savings account.

Opening a share account allows you to take advantage of all of the services and products that we offer. By arranging for direct deposit, it's an easy, convenient way to save.

Share Draft (Checking) Products

A share draft account is synonymous with a checking account. MPO offers three types of share draft accounts. Let us help you pick which account is best for your needs.
Club Accounts

Saving for a special occasion? We offer Christmas clubs (with disbursement every October) as well as Vacation clubs. Do you need to save for a specific need such as escrow? Open a sub account to help you save for your goals!

Certificates of Deposit

You can invest in a certificate of deposit with terms from 6 months to one year. Minimum deposit requirements based upon term of certificate.


Save on taxes while you build that individual retirement account. It's a great way to supplement your pension and social security.

American Express Travel Products

Planning your vacation? MPO offers Traveler's Cheques, Traveler's Cheques for Two and Gift Cheques.

Travelex/Visa TravelMoney

MPO is pleased to offer the next generation of travel products brought to you by Travelex and Visa. We offer Travelex TravelMoney.

RBS Lynk/Visa Gift Card

We are pleased to offer a brand new Visa Gift Card. Available in and denomination from $10.00 to $500.00. A quick an easy solution to your gift giving dilemma.
United States Savings Bonds

We sell and redeem series I and series EE bonds. Perfect for new parents and those looking for a long term stable investment product.

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