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Savings Accounts

This is where Credit Union membership and all its many benefits begin - with a Savings Account at Nassau Financial. We offer a variety of savings and certificate accounts, a free checking account, and even accounts for young savers. Plus, we provide highly personalized and professional service to all our members. Everything you could want from a full-service financial institution is right here! Apply now online or print and mail your application.


To become a member of Nassau Financial, simply open a Savings Account with a minimum deposit of $5. This small deposit buys you one share of ownership in the Credit Union, giving you full voting rights and access to everything we offer.

Savings Accounts earn dividends (interest) that are paid and compounded quarterly. Total savings are federally insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration), a U.S. government agency, for up to $250,000 per account.

Federal Savings Insurance
All member deposits are federally insured, in the aggregate, up to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) a U. S. government agency, through a government-backed federal insurance fund known as the National Credit Union Shared Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) and are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Joint member accounts are insured separately from individual accounts up to a maximum of $250,000. IRAs receive separate $250,000 insurance coverage.

Savers Edge Money Market

This account is designed for savers who wish to set aside funds for a longer period of time and earn a higher dividend rate than a Savings Account, all while still having the funds fully accessible. Savers Edge is tier-structured, allowing you to earn a higher annual percentage yield as your balance reaches different levels. A minimum daily balance of $5,000 is required to earn the stated dividend rate. If your balance should fall below the minimum,* you earn the regular Savings dividend rate. The Savers Edge Account also offers you check writing capabilities; write up to three checks per month at no charge.**

Certificates of Deposit

If you're looking for a higher rate of return on your money - without the risks typically associated with many investments - consider a Certificate Account. It can be opened as a regular or IRA Certificate and makes it possible for a saver with at least $1,000 to earn high dividends. In fact, our rates historically have been some of the best in the marketplace. Our Certificate accounts offer a high fixed annual percentage yield (APY) and terms from 3 to 60 months. With our 36-month Bump-Up Certificate, you can bump up your rate one time during the term of the Certificate to the then prevailing 36-month Certificate rate.

Youth Accounts

Get children started on the right track with their own Nassau Financial membership and Savings Account. Young Investors, our three-tiered youth program, makes saving fun and educational. Children learn the benefits of saving, receive their own ID cards and statements, and get life insurance at no additional cost. Choose from Looney Tunes Savings Club for newborns to age 12; Dream Builders for ages 13 - 15; or New Directions for ages 16 - 18.

Custodial Accounts

Nassau Financial's Custodial Accounts are savings accounts you open for a child under age 18. They are available on regular Savings, Savers Edge, Checking Plus and Certificate accounts. Custodial Accounts are irrevocable ones opened in a child's name, and they may be used for child support, future education, or maintenance of the minor. There is one custodian and beneficiary per account. Funds are released to the beneficiary at the age of 21 (unless 18 is designated). We also offer Revocable Trust/Totten Trust Accounts for minors.

Holiday & Vacation Club Accounts

Our Holiday Club and Vacation Club accounts help you save for holiday bills or a dream vacation. Each account makes saving a little easier and offers competitive dividends. The Holiday Club account is disbursed in October, giving you ample time for shopping. One withdrawal at no charge is permitted from the Holiday Club account per year. The Vacation Club account lets you make up to four withdrawals a year, at no charge, and you may make the withdrawals at any time.

*A fee applies if your balance drops below $2,500.
**A per item fee of $10 is charged for each additional check per month. Federal regulations limit transfers to six per month, no more than three of which can be check. *** The amount of insurance benefit is a factor of the balance in this account and the member's age at the time of death. Refer to Credit Union master group policy, available at the Credit Union, for terms and conditions and eligibility requirements for this life insurance benefit. Minimum Regular Share Account savings balance of $300 required to receive any insurance benefit. Insurance coverage premiums paid by Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union and program administered by CUNA Mutual Insurance Group.
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