New York State Banking Department
Superintendent of Banks
New York State Banking Department
One State Street
New York, NY 10004-1511

With its main office only a few blocks from Wall Street, the New York State Banking Department is headquartered near the center of the world's financial capital. The Department is the primary regulator for state-licensed and state-chartered financial entities, including domestic banks, foreign agencies, branches and representative offices, savings institutions and trust companies, credit unions and other financial institutions operating in New York including mortgage bankers and brokers, check cashers, money transmitters, and licensed lenders, among others. Total assets of the institutions regulated are nearly $2.2 trillion.

The Department's legislative mandate is to insure the safe and sound conduct of these businesses, to conserve assets, to prevent unsound and destructive competition, to maintain public confidence in the banking system, and to protect the public interest and the interests of depositors, creditors and shareholders.

Established in1851, the New York State Banking Department is the oldest bank regulatory agency in the nation. Almost 73 percent of the agency's nearly 600 full-time employees are bank examiners. Yet New York State's taxpayers aren't asked to pay for bank regulation. Instead, the revenues to fund the Department's operating budget are derived from the fees paid to it by state-chartered institutions.

In addition to its main office at One State Street in New York City, the agency has offices in Albany, the state capital, and at 333 East Washington Street, in Syracuse.
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